Cardinals Quarterback Clayton Tune Expected to Make Debut Start against Browns

In an unexpected turn of events, the Arizona Cardinals are gearing up to start quarterback Clayton Tune in tomorrow’s highly anticipated matchup against the Cleveland Browns. This decision has raised many eyebrows across the NFL, as Tune is on the brink of making his first-ever professional start.

Tune, who made his NFL debut just a few weeks ago in a face-off against the Seattle Seahawks on October 22nd, is set to take the reins of the Cardinals’ offense. During his brief appearance in that game, he managed to complete a modest 4-yard pass, leaving fans and analysts curious about his potential.

The primary reason for this surprise lineup change is the absence of the Cardinals’ star quarterback, Kyler Murray. Murray, who has been the cornerstone of the Cardinals’ success, has not officially returned to the 53-man roster since his unfortunate ACL injury on December 12, 2022, during a game against the New England Patriots. While the injury sidelined him for an extended period, Murray has been diligently working on his recovery.

Reports have emerged indicating that Murray’s status for tomorrow’s game in Ohio remains uncertain. Just yesterday, the Cardinals announced that Murray is listed as “questionable” for the matchup, adding a layer of uncertainty to the situation. It remains to be seen whether Murray will take the field or, if he does, to what extent he’ll be involved in the game.

To further complicate matters, the Cardinals are contemplating signing quarterback Jeff Driskel to the main roster as a backup option for Tune. This move would serve as insurance in case Murray is unable to suit up, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to ensuring a competitive performance against the Browns.

Tomorrow’s game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Cleveland Browns is shrouded in uncertainty, with Clayton Tune preparing for his first start in the NFL, and Kyler Murray’s status remaining up in the air. Football enthusiasts and Cardinals fans alike will be eagerly watching to see how this unexpected twist plays out on the field.

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