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YouTube Launches Short Video Feature To Compete ‘TikTok’

Here is what we know about the evolution of TikTok after it got banned from various countries due to security issues!

Well, well, well, as we all know that the United States of America has banned a social networking platform called Tik Tok because of various security concerns. But since that point in time, other platforms have all swooped in to take its place and we all know the first one that did so.

Yes, we are talking about the giant of all social media, that is, Instagram. It was not long ago that Tik Tok got banned and Mark Zuckerberg woke up from his sleep having a great idea to provide the public with what they want.

First Instagram Reels and now YouTube Shorts, here is what we know about new ways to create Tik Tok videos!

There were millions of people who used to create content on Tiktok but then they lost their chance to be known for what they truly excel in and thus, Instagram gave birth to Instagram Reels. This feature allowed to make the users a 15-second short video which will serve for entertainment purposes.

YouTube Debuts Shorts, A New Venue For Mobile Videos A Few Seconds Long – Deadline


And then, just when we thought that the competition for making such short videos could not get any fierce another huge social media platform came around to claim that they are innovative too.

Here is what this new YouTube Shorts is going to feature!

Yes, as of right now, we have YouTube who has announced a new feature in their application called YouTube shorts. This feature is going to launch in early beta in India right now which was the first country to ban Tik Tok including 57 applications from China approximately.

This feature will allow all the users to go on and create or develop videos which will be 15 seconds long and they can all be set with music. This service will have almost all the songs that a person can ever thing of to choose from.

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