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You Season 3: What Is Known So Far? Confirmed Cast Revealed!

You is a crime drama of psychological suspense show of American origin. The series is produced by  Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti. The previous season of this series took a long time as the news came out with an official announcement in the media this January.

When can You Season 3 hit our screen?

The show will air about 10 episodes in the upcoming season. Then it will be the same as the previous two seasons that were also broadcast on television. The third season was officially announced on the air early next year. However, there is still no official news about this coronavirus pandemic that will affect its release date.

As all the productions were in Hollywood and others were stopped, because the show was unable to start, as the blockade still continues, making it look like you will be in the movies and TV series too soon. It will not be released. However, we came to know that as everything goes smoothly, Netflix will definitely launch the show by 2021.

Who all are expected to return for the casting of season 3 of You?

The show is playing its lead role with actor Cast Bazle and actress Pedretti, who will continue their part in the show. According to the information, the other actors who star in the show will also play their part in the upcoming season three. Penn Badgeley was portrayed as John Goldberg, while actress Elizabeth Lyle acted as the character Gunniver Beck, as well as Luca Padovan, Zach Cherry as Paco, and Ethan.

Source:- Entertainment Focus

While the horror series, known as The Haunting of Hill House, debuted with actress Victoria Pedretti for the role of Love Quinn, it came in the second season. Therefore, it is clear that there will be no major changes in the cast, many will remain the same as in the previous season.

Where will the show be filmed this season?

The second season of the show was filmed in Los Angeles. Actress Penn Badley confirmed that there isn’t much that affects the show. He later stated that he had a conversation with Berlanti about filming the show for next season.

In response to that statement, Berlanti said Badley could go anywhere because they could make the film anywhere because it would work. The show will then take place in Hawaii and work as expected.

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