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Xbox Series S VS PS5 Digital Version: Who Comes Out Victorious

Console wars will be great in the future as every console is getting teased within their respective events. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are the center of attention for Xbox Lovers and Sony’s Playstation 5 already regarded as a masterpiece by the tech geeks. But there is a pretty similarity between the Xbox S series and the Digital version of Playstation as they both won’t allow disc implementation in their respective versions.

So a comparative analysis between the two consoles will determine which one would be better to buy.


Xbox Series S is quite convenient in terms of size in comparison with the Playstation 5 Digital version. However, still, the design of the Playstation 5 Digital version is way ahead of Xbox Series S as it looks like a speaker or something.


Xbox Series S is lagging behind in terms of storage too, Xbox Series S comprises of 512GB SSD storage whereas the PS5 digital version offers 825 GB of storage. So the difference is clear and Playstation is miles ahead in terms of providing storage to their customers.

Performance And Price

Now the section which settles the debate for once and all, Sony is again defeating S Series as will offers Ray Tracing with 8K. Whereas Xbox Series S will offer only 4k with Ray Tracing. So buying Xbox Series S will be much more of a headache if the prices of both the consoles vary around the same amount.

Xbox Series S costs around $299 and the Playstation 5’s digital version prices are not out yet. So if somehow the prices will be the same then we have to say a sad goodbye to Xbox S series if they are looking for competition. We found it overpriced if the features are taking into consideration. Xbox Series S should lower its prices if they really want to attract the customers but we know that Playstation 5 digital version will cost around $420 or something.

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