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Wuhan Tested Nearly 7 Million People In 12 Days For The Precaution Of Second Wave Of Deadly Virus

Tested 7 Million People

Chinese health officials in the city at the center of the primary coronavirus outbreak say they tested nearly 7 million people in 12 days to suppress fears of a second wave of the noble virus.

Local health commission officials in Wuhan released data showing 6.68 million people volunteered for nucleic acid tests as part of a mass-testing effort to overcome concerns over the second wave of COVID-19 cases in the Hubei region of China.

206 people who were tested were listed as asymptomatic cases. Wuhan began testing its entire population of 11 million people at all costs on May 12, just days after new infections developed following 76 days of lockdown.

Zero Confirmed Cases

Last week, China’s National Health Commission published that the country had its first day of zero new confirmed cases, a first since the outbreak began in late 2019. Chinese health officials said there were only two presumed claims of coronavirus in all of the region of China, which contains nearly 1.45 billion people.

1.1 Million Tests In One Day

The Wuhan Health Commission reported that on a single day, Saturday, May 23, the city conducted tests on over 1.1 million people. The speed of testing swiftly increased between May 12 and May 24 as health labs and firms across the city multiplied the number of people they tested 26 times over. By contrast, the United States tested fewer than 1 million people across the country during the entire month of March, according to the COVID Tracking Project.

Comparison With the United States

The New York Times reported Tuesday that testing had reached 90% of the entire city, and labs in Wuhan were preparing as many as 1.47 million tests by Friday. By contrast, the state of New York, with a population of about 20 million, has only tested 1.7 million people since March 4.

Wuhan’s massive testing effort introduced high-profile National People’s Congress (NPC) lawmaker meetings in Beijing this week.

Trump Numbers 

The Trump administration promised in early April that 5 million tests would be available to Americans each day, but later on that number was diminished to 2 million. But labs and data collected by the COVID Tracking Project reported the U.S. equated at most 220,000 tests each day by the last week of April.

Source: Newsweek

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