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Wonder Woman 1984: Diana Fighting In Her Golden Armor In Japanese Trailer

Here is what we know about the film Wonder Woman 1984 and its new Japanese trailer!

Well, well, well, here is a piece of very exciting news for all the people who are in love with the Wonder Woman films in the DC Extended Universe and are waiting for its sequel called Wonder Woman 1984 to release.

Fans of this superheroine will now be able to witness their star in a golden armor shining in all the glory in the newly released Wonder Woman 1984 trailer from Japan.

Here is what the release date of Wonder Woman 1984 looks like!

The parent film came out back in 2017 and since that point time, fans can not wait to have another tale. Gal Gadot is going to come once again in the titular role and various sorts of trailers have even revealed that Steve Trevor has somehow returned from the dead as well.

Fans of DC have obviously been anticipated for the premiere of Wonder Woman 1984. But the unfortunate news for all of us came in the form of the ongoing pandemic which has been created by the fatal Corona Virus and this fact means we will have to get a bit more patient for the release of our favorite tale.

Here is what the trailer from Japan of Wonder Woman looks like!

The film was initially scheduled to get a release in June of this year but was pushed back to August hoping that the situation would be fine till then. Then later the ns came out that we will have Wonder Woman 1984 in October but recently the executives of DC announced that the film has been delayed until Christmas Day.

Despite all of these unfortunate events, we surely do have a newly uploaded trailer for Wonder Woman from Japan that shows the Amazon Princess in her brand new golden armor. In the trailer, we can see Diana who is harnessing through lights and flying in the air.

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