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Wisconsin Officials Confirm Finding Body Of A Little Girl Who Vanished Days Ago

A body of a toddler girl found who went missing days ago

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office of Wisconsin revealed that the researchers identified the body of Madison Pelops, a girl who vanished on Thursday.

The investigators reported that Madison’s body was found around 11 am on Monday morning in the Rock River District, between Bellrichard Bridge and South River Road in Janesville. Madison went missing while playing with her brother last week near Anglers Park.

A passerby stopped and rescued the kids

An unidentified man saw  Madison and her brother fall into the water. Passersby jumped and grabbed his brother, rescued him, but Madison swept away and vanished.

“She made everyone her best friend.” If you meet her, Brenda Ward, Madison’s cousin said, you are her best friend and she will play for six hours. ”

The Rock County Medical Examination Division will perform an autopsy in the next few days, according to Sheriff Troy Knudson of the Rock County Sheriff’s Department.

Knudson said the accident appears to be a “terrible accident”.

No one is charged in connection with the girl’s death.

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