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Why Should Barcelona Do Neymar-Dembele Swap Deal? Solid Reasons Here!

However, we already know that Neymar was on his prime when he was Barcelona and linking up with the deadly Suarez and Messi. It’s been three years since Neymar left Football Club Barcelona to evade the shadow of Messi as he wants to be on the top of the spotlight. Since then, neither Neymar nor Barcelona have their hands on the coveted UCL trophy, and they both are incomplete without each other.

After Neymar’s exit for 220 Million Euros, Borussia Dortmund took advantage of the unsettled market and sold Dembele for 120 Million Euros, which was a better deal for Germans obliviously.

After the transfer been made, Ousmane Dembele never impressed the crowd in Barcelona colors as most of the time; he spent dealing with injuries. We have solid reasons that Barcelona immediately goes for a swap deal for Neymar and Dembele.

Dembele-Neymar Swap Deal+ Cash

Players Nature

It is evident that Neymar wants to return, and Barcelona is not completely satisfied with Dembele’s on the pitch and off-pitch antics. We can’t deny the fact that both are injury prone, but Neymar is slightly better in terms of performing when someone has to live up to expectations of the fans.

Dembele- Disaster

Dembele failed to feature in UCL twice and almost crippled the squad with no man supporting on the wings. Barcelona faced so much instability due to his injuries and his behavior with respect to performance. He mostly got injured, and this time also he spent more than half of his season in the treatment. Recently it is reported that he got discomfort and doubtful of Napoli clash. So it’s apparent that Dembele is out of luck when it comes to injuries, and this could cost Barcelona their campaign, and they could be trophyless this season.

Swap Deal

So PSG could agree to have a cash plus player deal, and Dembele could be the right man to get axed for this deal. On the other, Neymar will have what he wanted, a move to Barca could unlock many chances as Messi is also counting on him, and he is the heir to the throne.

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