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What Do We Do In Shadows: When Will Season 3 Happen?

The Vampires will be back!! Ohh yes, our one of its kind mockumentary will be back with a brand new season guys. You might have guessed till now that we are talking about the horror dramedy What Do We Do In Shadows.

What Is “What Do We Do In Shadows”All About?

The series has been shot in the form of a docu-series but based on fictional events. And the show is based on vampires so it has to be a hit ofcourse! The show is actually an adaptation from a movie of the same name and it has two seasons in its kitty with the second one launched in April 2020. And what is the next question now? When do we get a new season?

Renewal Status And Release Date Of What Do We Do In Shadows Season 3

So here we are with the good news, the vampire drama has been renewed for a third instalment by FX. But sadly we have to wait until approximately April next year since the filming is yet to commence. Because we know the world is suffering from the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak which has led to the suspension of all production activities.

What We Do in the Shadow season 3
Source: FX

Plot Of What Do We Do In Shadows

The show takes us into the lives of three vampires who are trying to blend themselves into the normal human world by residing on Staten Island. It follows a series of events some of which are good and some are bad but brings the same level of excitement.

Cast In What Do We Do In Shadows

The show stars;

  • Kayvan Novak,
  • Matt Berry,
  • Natassia Demetriou,
  • Mark Proksch,
  • Doug Jones and other supporting artists as well.

We all are very much aware of the fact that be it any vampire production in the form of films or web series, all of them have become an instant hit among viewers of all age groups. This is one of the most loved fictional plus fantasy topics that attract the viewers and garners so much love and appreciation from the viewers. We are just awaiting that season 3 hits our small screens sooner.

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