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WandaVision: Updates On It’s Release Date, Casting, Trailer And More

Being the first solo woman series, fans are really excited for the upcoming Marvel series Wanda Vision. The six episodes web series is being hosted by Disney Plus and is in continuity with the Marvel franchise.

Storyline Of WandaVision

The show will take us into the lives of Scarlet Witch and Vision and their life after the Endgame. There was a kind of teaser launched by the makers which showed the two being together taking us back into the classic era of the 1980s.

Source: Screen Rant

Now, this is interesting to see as to how Vision would be back as we all know what happened to him very well. There are a lot of fan theories coming for us which makes it all the way more confusing. Hence we should not just keep scratching our heads and wait for the series to be released.

Production Details Of WandaVision

Apparently there was an update from the showrunner that the filming schedule is complete but what takes a lot of time is the post-production and compiling up of everything.

Expected Release Date of WandaVision

The series was to get launch by end of 2020 but seeing the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, it is very likely that the post-production scenes are very much at a halt. We could just hope that it does not get delayed for 2021.

Cast Of WandaVision

You will definitely see these actors as the main leads. They include,

  • Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch
  • Paul Bettany as Vision

Storyline Of Scarlet Witch

The upcoming series would be taking up a lot of elements from the comic book which includes Wanda to be seen in her actual comic depicted costume and will show her journey how she became Scarlet Witch.

So you just need to hold onto your patience for the time being and hope that it releases well on time as per the schedule.

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