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WandaVision: Everything We Have Explained About Scarlet Witch Having Twin Kids In The Show

Well, WandaVision is another show coming our way on Disney+ and the trailer has raised some questions about Wanda and Vision having twin kids, many fans are totally appalled by how superheros can have kids and they surely want to know the story behind this.

So, without wasting time let us get into the details of WandaVision.

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The WandaVision trailer has been widely liked by the fans and we are super excited for this Marvel and Disney+ collaboration to be coming out soon, but the trailer has also raised some important questions one of them lies about Scarlett witches children shown in the tariler.

Here is the WandaVision trailer for all the fans out there who might have missed it earlier, watch it down below!

Well, fans already know Wanda has been through alot in the MCU and her assuming and fantaciszing for a normal happy life is great but the main question is it achievable, we have seen that Wanda’s creation of a happy life for her has been quite disastrous even earlier.

Looking at the charismatic couple of a genetically altered witch and an infinity stone is quite fascinating but creating on to life biologically is not possible for either of them, even in the trailer we see Wanda creating an alternate reality to suffice her and her past trauma, therefore Wanda’s creation of her twins is a reflex done to escape her past, if you are familiar with comic book House of M then you would know what exactly we are talking about.

That is all for today we will keep our readers updated on the latest news about Wandavision until then continue reading with us about your favourite shows and movies!

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