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Virginia Couple Who Tried To Flee To Poland After $1.4 Million Coronavirus Scam Busted

A couple is caught at the airport who was trying to escape after the scam

A Virginia couple is accused of fraud after being accused of receiving over $ 1.4 million in revenue under the Wage Protection Program (“PPP”) aimed at helping companies face the COVID pandemic- 19.

Monica Magdalena Gurska, 43, and her husband Tariq Jaafar, 42, were caught on June 20 at JFK international airport while trying to escape to Poland.

The duo submitted the data with false information

The couple allegedly submitted 18 PPP loans to 12 financial institutions in April and May, using the names of four different commercial entities. Each of these claims contains “substantially incorrect data,” as per the United States Attorney General’s Office, claiming in particular that some corporate tax returns were filed with the IRS when they were not actually filed.

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The American lawyer claimed that three financial institutions had disbursed four loans worth $ 1438,500. A written statement provided by the Small Business Administration claimed that the data used fake models for the tax authority claiming that companies support ample of employees, but the investigation disclosed that the companies don’t exist.

The couple was trying to flee to Poland

Prosecutors reported that the couple had purchased one-way airline tickets to Poland after officers reached to confront them. Much of the money spent was frozen, but Jafar was able to withdraw at least $ 30,000 in cash.

Jaworska attended the court’s first appearance Wednesday, according to court records, but Jaafar has not yet attended in principle.

The U.S. prosecutor said Gurska and Jaafar face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

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