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Valhalla: Check The Important Details For The Upcoming Sequel Series Of Vikings

Here are the important details you should know for the sequel of the movie Vikings, Valhalla.

Valhalla: Release Date

Valhalla is likely to be released in the year 2021. The production was started in 2020 but due to the current global coronavirus pandemic, the production is delayed. In November 2019, just before the Vikings’ sixth and final season debuted on the History Channel, Netflix announced that they had ordered a sequel series called Viking. Without a confirmed return date for the second half of the sixth season, Vikings fans can expect the movie to air in the year 2021.

Valhalla: Important Plot Details

Valhalla will follow the lives of completely new characters in the Vikings universe. Vikings: Valhalla will be established 100 years after the main series ends and will introduce viewers to some of the most famous Vikings. The Valhalla is likely to extend the end of the Viking era, which is also appropriate given the show named after the mysterious Viking warriors who believe they would go after their death.

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The series will follow the adventures of notable Vikings Leif Erikson, the first European to travel to North America (except Greenland). Viking fans have probably met Leaf and Freede’s, ancestors. The real Leaf and Freedes were the children of Eric the Red, who was introduced as a character in the sixth season of Vikings.

However, since Valhalla takes place 100 years after the Vikings, there is no way that Leaf and Freedis could be Eric’s children, but we still believe that they would probably be his descendants. Rollo has not been a mainstay of the Vikings since season 4, but one of his descendants, William the Conqueror, will be a central figure in the new series. The fans are excited to see what will happen next in the movie.

Valhalla: Cast

  • Roland Møller as Thor
  • Dulfi Al-Jabouri as Loki
  • Jacob Ulrik Lohmann as Tyr
  • Stine Fischer Christensen as Frigg
  • Asbjørn Krogh Nissen as Odin
  • Andreas Jessen as Balder
  • Cecilia Loffredo as Røskva
  • Reza Forghani as Quark
  • Ali Sivandi as Skrymer
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