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Vagrant Queen: SYFY Decided To Canceled The Series For Season 2

Vagrant Queen is based on the comic series written by Magdalene Visegio

Produced by Jem Garrard, who also served as a listener, Queen Wegrant persecuted Elida from the Queen of the Child to the orphan boycott, while smashing the treacherous corners of the galaxy. Adrian Rae plays the lead role of Alida as Plaque, Tim Rogen as Isaac, and Paul du Tit as Commander Lazarus.

Is the series is canceled or renewed?

The Vagrant Queen has been canceled on SYFY. The series season one final episode was premiered on 4th June, and the network decided not to renew the series due to lower ratings. The show originally aired on Friday, before its 4th episode switched to Thursday.

The expected reason behind the cancelation of the series

Since the lively Queen has barely estimated a rating of 0.1 in the 18-49 demographic on live streams, we didn’t put together a ton of streaming networks or services to participate. However, she never says that some shows have a tendency to increase in popularity over time since then.

Vagrant Queen - Cancelled by Syfy
Source: Spoiler TV

Over the years, Syfy has developed a long history of canceling her full-length show, with Dark Matter, Alphas, and Krypton seen as an intact ending. We don’t think it’s just a matter of the network hating her show; Instead, she talks about the problems of 21st-century cable networks.

You depend on the live audience / DVR at a time when people abandon their cable plans. Meanwhile, many of these shows don’t have a streaming plan feasible enough to monetize after the fact easily. Syfy, in particular, has more challenges as most of its shows have scripts, and it has a budget for some special effects. Genre shows, in general, often don’t have massive appeal.

Who all were in the production of the series?

The executives’ producers are Lance Samuels and Daniel Iron (Gooley) with F.J. Santo and Damian Vassell of Vault Comics.

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