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Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones: Current Scenario Of Release

The most anticipated Ubisoft title Skulls and Bones is playing with the patience of fans. It is apparent that the game has strings of delays in terms of release and now it’s getting uglier. The Naval Combat Simulation is getting more hyped after its gameplay pretty similar to one of the Assassin’s Creed franchise Black Flag.

But current scenarios of its release is getting more heat after the Ubisoft Forward event is looking to showcase the game worldwide. So what is Ubisoft’s currently up to and what could be the fate of its new title?

Beta Phase

Finally, the time has come and registrations for Beta Phase already commenced and you can register yourself for the Beta. it’s up to Ubisoft whether they give you access for the beta or not but still its worth if you get the access somehow. So logon to the official website of the game and register for the beta phase. Meanwhile, there is no fixed date proposed for the beta phases and it could start next fall.

Release Date

Fans already know that game was delayed more than two times and it’s quite frustrating for them. But it is what it is and fans who are expecting the game release have to cope with the situation. But after delaying many times, the finalized release date of Skulls and Bones is March 2021. This time the release date won’t be pushed by further as Ubisoft itself concluded the fact that this will be the final release.


  • PlayStation 4

  • Xbox One

  • Microsoft Windows

  • Next-Gen Consoles Ready


  • Frigate:

  • Brigantine:

  • Sloop-o-War


However, the gameplay already revealed in E3 2018 but there will be major changes when the game will be showcased in the Ubisoft Forward Event. We could expect to witness the new engine and modifications done by Ubisoft throughout their delay period.

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