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Uber Driver Arrested For Physically Assaulting A Female Passenger

A Tustin Uber driver has been taken into custody by the Santa Ana police for physically assaulting a female passenger.


The Tustin Police Department had just freed the 25-year-old victim in July 2018, where she was being held by the police for suspicion of DUI overnight after crashing her vehicle. When the police released her, she asked them to help her order an Uber from her phone.

The driver picked the 25-year-old woman and was reckoned to drive her back to her house in Santa Ana. But at one moment during the ride, the driver stopped and physically assaulted the woman, Santa Ana police said.

She quickly informed the offense to Santa Ana police, and they collected DNA proof that was put into their system.

Cpl. Anthony Bertagna, with Santa Ana police, said that “We have been working this case, waiting for the DNA to return, to validate that in fact, the crime happened and if there was a likely lead for the suspect. We eventually got a hit, and that hit verified the fact that this was the suspect in this particular case.”

Suspect Arrested By Police:

Police arrested the 45-year-old Amir Attia at his house in Tustin this week.

“He was taken here, and he was interrogated. During that interrogation, he admitted to committing the crime,” Bertagna said.

Police also said that he has an earlier conviction from 1993 for a physical battery.

Bertagna said that “Whether you are in an Uber or a taxi or a bus, physical predators are physical predators, and they will take benefit of the situation when it happens.”

The 45-year-old man held at the Orange County jail, and his bail set at $150,000. Meanwhile, police are urging anyone with information on this matter or any other possible victims to come forward.

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