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Two Louisiana Women Arrested After They Kept A 14-Year-Old Locked In Since March

A severely malnourished boy escaped from his home and sought help from neighbors

On Wednesday, two Louisiana women were arrested after a 14-year-old boy left his home and sought help from a neighbor.

Sources reported that agents responding to a social security call on Caldwell Street on Wednesday were greeted by a resident who claimed the boy had come to his house to ask for food. The resident reportedly said he had contacted the authorities about the boy’s appearance.

The boy was taken to the hospital for a checkup

According to a news report, the teenager was taken to the hospital, where doctors described him as extremely emaciated.

The boy had been locked in the room since March

Detectives from Shreveport Department Detective Bureau reportedly conducted a preliminary investigation and found out that the 14-year-old had been locked in his room since March.

Law enforcement officers carried out a search warrant at the boy’s home.

While it is not clear what they observed or recovered, Kari Barber, 30, and Cassidy Dunn, 39, were later arrested on charges of second-degree abuse and false captivity.

Officials have yet to reveal Barber and Dunn’s relationship with the victim. Its current state is still unknown.

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