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Two Children And Other 3 Reportedly Dead In Denver House Fire

A family died in the house fire which was set up intentionally

Two children and three adults died in a Denver fire early Wednesday morning and police opened an investigation into the murder.

The reports reported that one child, one child, and three adults were killed in a fire that broke out overnight at a home in the Green Valley Ranch area.

2 members managed to escape from the flames

According to the sources, there were two other people in the house at the time, but they escaped the fire by jumping from a second-floor window and survived.

Firefighters reportedly found evidence of arson at the scene. The police have yet to identify the victims or potential suspects of the apparent murder.

The women used to work in Amazon

The man, who identified himself as a relative of the victims, told that the victims were a father, a mother, their two children, and a mother’s sister. The family members are said to have immigrated to the United States from Senegal. A reporter told Twitter that a member of the victims’ family told him the two women worked for Amazon.

Authorities have not yet commented on a possible motive. This is an evolving story and all information is preliminary.

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