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TV Shows 2020: Best Sci- Fi Thrillers Ranked

Sci-fi shows are a pleasure to watch and some of them are truly inspiring and some of them shook audiences to their core. The year 2020 is not well for some businesses but it boosts the binge-watching among the people. There is a record hike after the pandemic and now more people engaging themselves in watching shows and movies. So we have the best Sci-fi shows which you definitely give a go.

Altered CarbonĀ 

Altered Carbon comprises the storyline of the future and how the world could look like after 300 years. Death is now a friend of human and modern technologies getting more and more impactful in human life. The show has two seasons and a potential third season is speculated.


If you’re a fan of Time Travel then Dark is one of the best shows around. it spectacularly shows the concept of Time Travel and makes you scratch your head and wondering about the plotline of the show. The three seasons will surely worth your time and you should take it as a high priority.

Doctor who

The show revolves around the adventures of Time Lord known as Doctor. He traveled through time in his spaceship which is called the TARDIS. The show already has 12 seasons, so it will keep you pretty busy with its strange content.


The show features the post-apocalyptic frozen wasteland and it revolves around the remains of humanity. The show just launched and it has only one season to follow, so get away with it quickly.

The 100

The show revolves around the post era of a nuclear apocalypse which almost wiped down humanity. Three generations have been born in space and 100 descendants are sent to earth to check whether the planet is ready to live or not.

The Mandalorian

Everybody loves Star Wars and thus its prequel is getting more attention as Baby Yoda stole the hearts of the audience. So witness the journey of the gunfighter who exploits beyond the reach of the new republic. The show comprises of only one season, so it will be over quicker than you expect.

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