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Tucker And Dale Vs Evil: Director Eli Craig’s New Horror Comedy Film Will Release On Netflix

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil director Eli Craig will release their next film, The Hills Have Eyes for You, on Netflix. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil have not had much of an impact at the box office, but it has become a cult favourite in recent years, especially in the way it changes horror stereotypes, and especially after airing on Netflix. done. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil 2 have been rumoured for years, but unfortunately, this seems unlikely. However, Craig has a new project online.

By the deadline, director Eli Craig will bring her next film, as a romantic horror comedy, to Netflix. Netflix recently acquired David Steev’s screenplay rights The Hills Have Eyes for You, which will be directed and produced by Craig Farah Films. Steve previously wrote in the 2007 horse comedy Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. Regarding the direction of the film, Craig said: “I think I will be in my element in this matter.”

Tucker & Dale vs Evil's Eli Craig New Horror Rom-Com Lands at Netflix
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About the Director Stories

Evil, who turned ten this year after Craig Tucker and Dale Vs., wrote and directed another horror comedy Little Evil, which premiered in 2017 on Netflix. The film follows a man named Gary (Adam Scott) who after marrying a woman named Samantha (Evangeline Lilly) discovers that his son Lucas (Owen Atlas) may be the antichrist. Craig’s compositions also feature two other films, one titled Dulhan and Qayamat, a disaster comedy that pays tribute to his own wedding, and one titled Corporate Retreat. He is currently developing the latter for Blumhouse and Red Hour.

Although the plot of the film is currently being kept a secret, Craig says, “It’s a unique helpless love story with a fear of Physical Relationship and lots of laughter.” Producer Dan Farah sees it as “a fresh and fun love story that takes place in the context of a high horror comedy”. A start window was not started at this time.

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