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Tom Hopper From Umbrella Academy Opens Up About His Autistic Child

Tom Hopper who is last seen in the supernatural drama The Umbrella Academy is spending good gala time with his loving wife and two kids daughter Rose, 2 and elder son Freddie, 5. This quarantine amidst the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic is giving a lot of leisure and quality time that was really required to these celebrities who do not get to do so because of hectic work schedules.

And during this time, we got to know something personal about the actor’s life. Tom took to his social media handle and informed his fellow followers and fans that his son has been diagnosed with Autism.

Parents Got To Know About The Condition On His Birthday

The couple got to know about the same before Freddie rang into his fifth birthday after which they were informed about the medical condition. But this news did not dampen the couple or their family in a negative turn and instead what we saw a number of videos and posts from both Tom and his wife Laura sharing with their fans about how they are dealing with it.

Tom Hopper
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He Suffers From Non-Verbal Autism

The couple told that when their son was just one year older it was that they realized that something is not right with Freddie but it took them 5 years to know about Freddie suffering from non-verbal autism. Tom felt that this is the need of the hour and he needs to address the fellow parents who are in the same situation as they are and help them out as to what can be done best. The most important being to remain calm, positive, and not to lose hope.

He Motivated Other Parents Too

He further shared that his intention is not to make the parents feel alone during these times and rather they should have strong trust in the entire journey and not looking back. Well, this is really something deep and kind thinking of the couple. Tom even helped and shared that they are keeping a good check and control over their son’s small to small behavior which gets affected majorly by what you eat.

After all, you have heard that what you eat is what you become. And Tom is exactly doing the same by eliminating all the sugar foods after which they realized that there was a massive improvement in his behavior and mood swings. The couple is constantly in line with all the updates from various medical institutions and they are proud parents to both their children and are enjoying the journey. The parents all over the world should take inspiration from these celebrities who are heroes in real life trying to inspire you too and make you realize that each child is special.

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