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‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ Jane Might Become A Valkyrie

MCU introduced the character, Jane Foster, as Thor’s love interest, which is played by Natalie. Initially, she stumbled upon the world of the Nor Gods, before discovering the convergence of the nine worlds, playing a more active role in Thor: The Dark World. In the sequel, she survives the ordeal and is even going to meet Asgard with Thor, but this was supposed to be the end of her story since Portman left the MCU.

She was reportedly unhappy with Marvel’s creative approach and how she treated Patty Jenkins, who would direct Thor: The Dark World. But after the reform and corporate restructuring of Marvel Studios in 2015, she appears to have set things right with Portman when he returned. Furthermore, along with strengthening the franchise under the direction of Taiki Waiti, the character of Foster is also undergoing development. She can’t just be a romantic cliche in Thor: Love and Thunder, she will be playing the role of Mjolnir. What was a surprise for the actress?

Jane Might Become A Valkyrie!!

But Foster would be the mighty Thor for many movies before joining the Avengers or running differently is still unknown. However, one theory suggests that this may be a transitional phase, making it a Valkyrie. The comics have taken Foster on a similar transformation journey. When Thor disqualifies herself, Foster produced Mjolnir, who became the new goddess of thunder.

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But there is a catch since he suffers from cancer and is receiving chemotherapy. However, every time she becomes a Mjolnir-producing superhero, the effects of her treatment are negated. But she realizes the importance of Thor’s role in defending the nine worlds and continues to use the enchanted hammer and this sacrifice makes her worthy enough to take up arms.

Portman’s role switching from Mighty Thor to Valkyrie.

In a heartbreaking conclusion, Foster goes against Mangog, the beast that changes for the last time. But both her mother and her life were spent in this fight. Point out that we are talking about Marvel Comics, however, the characters don’t always die forever. Odin is rocked by her heroism and manages to revive her and begins her life as a human and continues to heal. Waititi is unlikely to use the same plot device, but the story may follow a similar pattern, with Portman’s role switching from Mighty Thor to Valkyrie.

Foster’s story is part of the ongoing Valkyrie comic series: Jane Foster, who sees her role as the new Valkyrie after the original battalion was killed in a combat incident. Some threads from the movie and comics are already running in parallel. So the MCU could very well start Jane Foster’s new Valkyrie squad in Thor: Love and Thunder, respectively.

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