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Thor: Love And Thunder To Start Production In 2021

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently in the talks that the creators are looking forward to starting the production in early 2021. The outbreak of the pandemic coronavirus impacted the creation of this movie.

Initially, Thor: Love and Thunder first expected to release in November 2021, as the creators had plans to start the filming of this movie this summer. But the pandemic coronavirus did not let the filming process happen. Thor: Love and Thunder is going to be the fourth sequel of the franchise. You can see all the previous parts of this franchise on Disney+.

Thor: Love and Thunder Release Date

There was a lot of manipulation with the movie’s release date during the past couple of months. But as of now, the creators have again scheduled the release date on 11 February 2022.

Thor 4: Love and Thunder | Release date, cast, trailer, plot
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In a recent live session on Instagram, Serena Williams revealed her excitement to play the role of Jane Foster in this movie. In an Instagram live, she also confirmed that the filming of Thor: Love and Thunder, will start from the beginning of next year. Serena Williams also said that she is super excited that she will be shooting in Australia at the beginning of next year.

She also revealed that we have not started with the production yet, and there is still some more months to get started with the production. She also said that she doesn’t know what the production team will see in the future, but we are final with our plan to start with the production.

Other Updates

The Director of the movie Taika Waititi said in a recent interview that the industry is facing a lot of delays because of the pandemic. Still, the break we have has helped a lot in improving the script, storyline, and art of the movie.

He also added that during the pandemic’s interruption, we have been developing the script, and the story of the film has turned so insane and even more romantic. So these were the only updates that we got from the sources. We will update you whenever we receive more updates about the movie Thor: Love and Thunder.

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