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Thor Love And Thunder: Catch All The Significant Updates On The Fourth Installment Of MCU Movie

Thor, the God of thunder is coming back with a new movie. Thor is one of the original six Avengers. Both Captain America and Iron Man were given three solo movies. But, Thor will have four solo movies to his credit. The fourth installment of Thor, Thor: Love and Thunder were announced at the San Deigo Comic-Con in 2019.

Here is what we know about the MCU film so far.

When Will Thor: Love And Thunder Release?

Thor: Love and Thunder is part of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film was supposed to release in November 2021. Due to the current situation in the world due to the spread of coronavirus the release date of the film has been pushed to 2022. The film will release in the theaters on February 11, 2022.

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When Will The Production Of Thor 4 Start?

The production of the fourth installment of Thor was scheduled to commence in August 2020. It is now uncertain when the production of the film will commence. Due to the spread of coronavirus, all the production work has been force stopped. It is not known when will the production of films and series resumes.

Who Will Direct Thor 4?

Thor was initially considered the weakest character of the MCU franchise. But Thor: Ragnarok, director Taika Waititi breathed a new life into the character. Taika Waititi will return to direct the fourth installment of Thor. Taika Waititi is co-writing the script of the film with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson.

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What Will Be The Storyline Of Thor: Love And Thunder?

Thor: Love and Thunder will be set in the post-Infinity Wars world. Thor had decided to depart with the crew of Guardians Of Galaxy. He wanted to discover who he is beyond all of the trappings of his birthright. Thor no longer serves as the king of Asgard.

The Cast Of Thor: Love And Thunder

Chris Hemsworth will return to the film franchise and reprise the role of Thor: the thunder god. Natalie Portman would be returning to reprise the role of Jane Foster. Tessa Thompson will also reprise her role. Christian Bale has been added to the cast.

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