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The Rook: Is It Renewed Or Canceled By Starz For Season 2? Details Inside

Here is all that we are aware of a season two of the show, The Rook!

Well, well, well, TV Line has another sad news for all the fans of the series The Rook out there. This media outlet has reported that Starz has decided not to renew this series for another season.

The Rook, as everyone knows, is a spy show that excels in the genre of fantasy as well as a thriller. The story of the show is entirely based on the novel that has been written by Daniel O’Malley.

Down below is a list of all the actors and actresses who played a significant role in The Rook!

The cast is full of stars, and they have done a great job in their roles. Here is a short list of them.

  • Emma Greenwell reprises the role of Myfanwy Thomas.
  • Joely Richardson enacts the character of Linda Farrier.
  • Adrian Lester does the role of Conrad Grantchester.
  • Olivia Munn reprises the role of Monica Reed.
  • Jon Fletcher enacts the character of Alex Gestalt.
  • Ronan Rafferty does the part of Robert Gestalt.
  • Catherine Steadman reprises the role of Eliza Gestalt.
  • Tamsin Topolski enacts the character of Bronwyn.
  • Howard Corlett does the part of Trevor Birch.
  • Gina McKee reprises the role of Jennifer Birch.
  • Ruth Madeley enacts the character of Ingrid Woodhouse.
  • Yinka Awoni does the part of Corwin.
  • Eleanor Matsuura
  • Shelley Conn
  • Tamsin Topolski
  • Barry Atsma reprises the role of Peter Van
  • Luke Roberts
  • James D’Arcy
  • Michael Karim
  • Michael McElhatton

Here is what the plot of The Rook is all about!

This supernatural drama throws the entire spotlight on the character of Greenwell, which is Myfanwy Thomas.

This woman wakes up in the rain at the Millennium Bridge of London but has no memory of her past and has forgotten everything and about the circle of corpses that are surrounding her.

Thomas wakes up in London and forgets who she was!

This lady is a crucial member of Checquy which is the secret service in the United Kingdom because its job is to protect Extreme Variant Abilities or in short, EVAs.

While there are her supernatural gifts emerging later in the story, she must go on and dig for the truth about herself.

Here is what we know about the rating that the previous installment of The Rook got!

The entire last installment of this epic series averaged a 0.04 rating on a demographic scale that ranges from 18 to 49.

Also, Rook season 1 had 225,000 viewers which are pretty decent. Although, if we try to compare it with other series on Starz, it was a middle sort of performer in these traditional ratings.

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