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The New Mutants: Disney Shares A New TV Spot For The Upcoming X-Men Spinoff Film

It’s been a long way for The New Mutants, the latest installment in the X-Men franchise produced by the former 20th Century Fox Film Studio (now known as the 20th Century Studio). Intending to offer a horror twist to the franchise, The New Mutants is still aiming for the August 28 (currently theoretical) premiere in theaters after several delays, rebalances, and an ongoing epidemic that led to the U.S. Most of the theaters have been closed.

The most recent television spot for The New Mutants finally becomes the respective superpower of its main characters. The new television spot-kicks into action, presumably taking a nap for the film’s setting – the special feature intended to help teenage mutants control their abilities. Lance soon turns his attention to the characters in The New Mutants, uncovering the origins of what he meant by special powers. The television spot can be seen in the tweet below:

The official release date for The New Mutant:

New Mutants have been delayed several times. Originally slated for release in April 2018, the movie was escalated until August 2019, and then the events were completely out of his control, along with various scheduling conflicts.

At the time of writing, New Mutants is slated to open in theaters on August 28, 2020, with a new poster announced on the film’s official Twitter page. Of course, whether the movie actually hits this date or not is something else entirely.

All about The New Mutant:

The plot of New Mutants is based on the Marvel Studios comic of the same name. Because the show is being considered as a spin-off from the Marvel X-Men movie, you might get some input from it. The story begins with Ileana, Sam, and Roberto living four young mutants who are kept isolated in a secret hospital.

A creepy twist on the original comics, The New Mutant follows a group of five young mutants only to discover their powers, who are placed in a strange facility where terrifying challenges arise to escape their own abilities. Director Boone and star Massey Williams have said the film will include a same-gender relationship: Boone claims to be “a beautiful love story.”

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