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The New Legends Of Monkey Season 2: What’s The Release Date? What’s The Storyline?

The New Legend of Monkey airs on Netflix and is inspired by the Japanese show Monkey from 196 and was based on a 16th-century novel titled Tha Journey to the West with Wu Cheng. The New Legend of Monkey hits Netflix worldwide on August 7, 2020. Children and Teens pay attention to him, a series partially inspired by the Japanese series Monkey that is based on the Chinese novel Journey to the West.

The New Legends of Monkey Season 2: Know About Release Date, Cast ...

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The first season first slipped to Netflix in April 2018, sporadically later on April 27, along with other regions in the US and UK. The total dropped 10 episodes and season 2 is also expected to last 10 episodes. The last update we have regarding the series is that TVNZ, ABC, and Netflix had committed to the second season and began filming in September 2019.

The cast?

The story has fewer characters, but mainly four protagonists. The cast includes

  • Chai Henson
  • Lucian Buchanan
  • Josh Thompson
  • Emily Cockerell.
  • Jarred Blakiston
  • Josh McKenzie
  • Jordan Mooney
  • Rachel House
  • Daniel Watson
  • Bryony Skillington

Other Details!!

The show has many imaginary elements and takes place in a world where the earthly kingdom is dominated by demons. The gods are forced to hide. When demons rule the earth, they persecute humans and the gods have no power. When the scholar and his group unite and begin their mission, they face a raid by demons, and they are all killed leaving Tripitaka, the scholar’s daughter. He manages to free the Monkey King, and they return with him.

Release date?

The first season came out on April 28, 2018, and after that, we haven’t heard anything about the second season’s release. This can be taken as bad news, and those who want a second season may be unhappy. However, we hoped to be optimistic and renew ourselves in 2020. Therefore we don’t know more about the show in details but we assure you that when we find anything we will tell you first for sure so more information stay tuned with us, respectively.

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