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The Man From Nowhere: Remake In The Works With John Wick Team

Well, Chad Stahelski and Derek Kolstad, respective directors and writers, who are the authors of the hit series John Wick, are reuniting for The Man from the American version of Never will come from New Line, which Stellahski and his partner Jason Spitz have released on their production banner, 87Eleven. Entertainment Made via. Read more here.

Remake In The Works With John Wick Team!!

The original Nowar man has a military past with a holy shop owner named Cha Tae-Sik, as he inflicts brutal and well-targeted punishment on a drug ring who kidnaps a young girl, of whom he is his only friend. Believe it. Now it looks like Won pulled out of Bin and was the highest-grossing movie in Korea that year, at around $ 43 million. The project is directly behind the wheel of this team, as you could say they are experts in stories of violent revenge on a quiet virgin.The Man from Nowhere Remake Coming from John Wick Team | Collider

sources: collider.com

Although he is teaming up to produce, Chad Stelsky does not intend to direct as he is already too busy with other projects. According to experts, meetings with potential directors are taking place as soon as possible, and they are likely to do some work to work on one of Kolstad’s scripts.

Other updates about it?

Therefore, 87 Eleven Entertainment features spinners Ballerina and The Continental and Stelski is personally lending his expertise to the final production of The Matrix 4. In the meantime, Kolstad has become one of Hollywood’s leading action writers, including an animated show by Cell Netflix and an old adaptation of My Friends Pedro with former John Wick collaborator David Leach on the calendar.

The Man from Nowar is a solid action film, more notable for its brutality and kinetics than its story. Ultimately, it’s no different from John Wick in that regard. It’s disappointing to see that Stelski probably won’t be directing himself, but such a high-profile project will likely attract a talented director with a similar respect for the art of stunt choreography, giving fans yet another elegant and technically impressive action, respectively.

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