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The Last Mercenary: Shooting For The Netflix Action Movie Started

The new Netflix action comedy movie The Last Mercenary production has been started by Jean-Claude Van Dam the icon of the action movie. The actor belongs to Belgian and a former martial artist starred in dozens of action movies in the 1980s and 1990s.

Jean-Claude van Dam, an action icon’s first feature movie with Netflix The Last Mercenary began the production. According to the close sources, the famous actor will be playing the role of a mysterious former Secret Service agent in the upcoming movie. It was Van Dam’s first streamer concert and his first action-comedy.

The most famous project of the actor was voice roles in the Kung Fu Panda films and he starred in the Amazon series Jean-Claude Van Johnson, which was canceled shortly after one season. Now Muscles from Brussels is taking on a new project that is slightly different from their usual roles.

David Charon is going to be the director of the upcoming movie The Last Mercenary. The scripts of the movie are going to be written by Ismael Sy Savane.

Jean-Claude Van Damme is Shooting The Action-Comedy THE LAST ...
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Is there any specific release date for The Last Mercenary?

As we know that the production of the movie has been just started and it may take some time. Seeing the situation of the global pandemic we can expect the release date somewhere in late 2021. We will update you as soon as there is any bit of information from the streaming giant Netflix.

The star cast of the upcoming movie:

The Last Mercenary stars:

  • Alban Ivanov (Lucky, A Very Bad Friend)
  • Assa Sylla (Girlhood, Mortel)
  • Samir Decazza (Valide)

Jean-Charles Levy and Nicolas Manuel are going to be the producer of the movie Olivier Albou and Laurence Schonberg (Other Angle Pictures); Jakéma Charhon, David Charhon, and Eponine Maillet (Mony Films); and Olias Barco, Vlad Riashyn (Apple Tree).

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