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The Goldbergs Season 8: Bryan Callen Is Not Returning For The New Season Because Of Allegations Of Physical Assault

Here is what is needed to be known about the fact that actor Bryan Callan is not going to return for the eighth season of Tue Goldbergs!

Well, well, well, as all the people who are in love with the series called The Goldbergs must be well aware of the fact that actor Bryan Callan is popularly known for his role as Coach Mellor.

Not a long time ago, specific allegations were made against him for being involved in physical assaults. Thus it has been confirmed by the casting director of The Goldbergs that he is not going to come back in character for the eighth installment of the iconic series.

Here is why Bryan Callan does not return for his role as Coach Mellor in The Goldbergs!

He is so famous in the world and is mostly known for the stand-up comedies that he performs while the man also enacted the character of the Coach in another series called School on the ABC Network.

The Goldbergs' 1990s Spinoff Starring Bryan Callen Gets Pilot ...
Source: deadline.com

Schooled serves as a spinoff series for The Goldbergs and is equally amazing as the parent one. The career that Callan has built step by step in the chaotic world of Hollywood has begun with notable parts in shows like How I Met Your Mother as well as The Hangover along with Inside Schwartz.

Here is what the media has reported about these accusations on Bryan Callan!

Recently, various news media outlets have published reports highlighting the heinous deeds that Callan has been involved in.

It was approximately 20 years ago that the allegations of such criminal conducts were raised against Callen and they all have arrived again months after the announcement of the news that the spinoff series called Schooled has been canceled by ABC and all this while, Tye Goldbergs was provided with a green light to go on and have a fresh batch of episodes which will comprise the eighth season.

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