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The Flash: Director Andy Muschietti Shared Details For The Plot Of The Upcoming DC Movie

Here is what we know about the upcoming film in the DC Extended Universe by director Andy Muschietti!

Well, well, well, recently there has been some sorts of comments from Andy Muschietti, and they all have further thrown light on the fact that the forthcoming film by the DC Extended Universe is going to adapt the status quo altering DC Comics Tale Flashpoint which is not full but surely up to some generous extent.

The director disclosed that the whole plot of the tale is going to be about traveling in time because Flash has to save his mother, so travels in time. This talk happened at an interview which was arranged by Orden 67. Andy says the upcoming movie has a fabulous display of action, but at the same point in time, it also is a big display of affection.

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Here is what Andy Muschietti has to say about the plot of the forthcoming film, which now looks a lot similar to Flashpoint!

Well, as you all might have guessed by now that this whole scenario matches a lot with the plot if Flashpoint, isn’t it? It is a limited series that has been created by Geoff Jones as well as Andy Kubert back in 2011 edition of DC Comic books, and it has set the New 52 relaunch into motion. The plot of this half throws the entire spotlight on the character called Barry Allen, also known as Flash, who occasionally travels back in the fabric of time with the sole purpose of saving his mother, that is, Nora Allen.

His mother had been killed by Professor Zoom at the point in time when Barry was just a little kid and was living with his father named Dr. Henry Allen. Later on, in the distant future, all the blame was put on Henry for killing his own wife. As Barry goes on to undo what has already happened in the past, he unknowingly creates more troubles as well as chaos by developing a new reality which is just the starting process of destruction.

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