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The Dark Tower: Showrunner Talked About The Canceled Amazon Series

Unfortunately, it was announced that The Dark Tower is not coming out ever and fans.are very disappointed!

Once upon a time, not unlike one of those alternate realities we find in the books written by Stephen King, Glen Mazzara from The Walking Dead developed a TV show adaptation of The Dark Tower, which is based on the writings of Stephen of Western meets fantasy novels.

There was a pilot of the series being shot for Amazon Prime Video, but the official confirmation was made by the streaming platform that they are not going to move forward with the planned drama series.

Here is why Amazon Prime Video and Mazarron himself canceled the show!

Now that there has been some distance between then and now, Mazzara has opened up to the fans about all the possibilities of the plans that could have taken place.

Mazara revealed to us about the details on his take and the plot that has not aired yet. This happened during his recent appearance on The King cast, which is a podcast about the books of kings and other adaptations of a cinema.

Here is what might happen with the plot if the show was still in work at the Prime Studios!

Back in March of 2017, this writer, as well as producer, started developing his idea where there was a possibility of creating the series a companion to its film version that stars Idris Elba as well as Matthew McConaughey.

When all the plans for sequels fell through due to the failure at a poor box office turnout, Mazara had a new idea in mind.

Down below is what Mazara said about his canceled series, The Dark Tower!

Mazara, about the famous opening line of King’s The Gunslinger which is the first book in the series, said that the story of the pilot is Roland in the desert while The Man in Black has fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger followed him.

Mazzara added that in this version, he is chasing Marten, also known as the Man in Black, because Marten was with Gabrielle, who is the mother of Gabrielle, and he is vowed his revenge.

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