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The Dark Knight Rises: Christopher Nolan Removed This Scene From DC Film

Here is what we know about the film The Dark Knight Rises and how it overcame the NC-17 rating!

Well, well, well, as of right now, the case is just like The Dark Knight as well as The Dark Knight Rises there was a conclusion to the take of Christopher Nolan on the mythology of Batman and it was packed with a lot of action.

The surprising news was when it all walked away with a PG-13 rating just like the thing it is with a wide variety of comic books. However, you guys should all be made aware of the fact that there was a time when The Dark Knight Rises might have received the NC-17 rating and it was so simple for Nolan to avoid this factor by removing the original death scene for the character of Matthew Modine.

Here is what scene was cut from The Dark Knight Rises according to Modine!

You guys might all remember how The Dark Knight Rises Matthew Modine reprises the role of Peter Foley who is the second in command to Commissioner James and really did not approve the return of Batman to Gotham City. The man was then later gunned down at the time of the clash of Gotham City Police Department which was against the forces of Bane.

However, this was really not how Peter Foley was actually supposed to die in The Dark Knight Rises. All this while, we have Matthew Modine who had to say about his character. Modine was present on Cinema Blend Reel Blend Podcast and here is what he said.

Here is what that scene of Peter Foley’s death was like!

Modine says that Christopher cut his death scene out of Dark Knight Rises because the man thought it was so violent it could have received a rating of NC-17. He disclosed that Chris gets stabbed and she gets in one of the vehicles while his character is shooting at her and suddenly he gets run over.

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