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The Batman: Here’s The New Look Of The Batmobile From The Upcoming DC Movie

While there’s a huge hype surrounding the upcoming Matt Reeves directed Batman, fans are eagerly waiting for this unconventional film to soon hit the theaters so that they can see what the hype is about! Let us look further for more details given below.

Matt Reeves Is All Geared Up With The Making Of The Upcoming Batman Movie!

Moreover, director Matt Reeves is revealing small details one in order the increase that much needed hype. While Robert Pattinson’s first look as the caped crusader has already made fans lose their minds, it seems like another big revelation has been made recently.

The Director Has Released Some Exclusive Images Of The Batmobile! Have a Look.

Matt Reeves has released a new picture via his Twitter account so that fans don’t have to wait much longer and look at blurry pictures. While the film is slated to release in 2021, the director has revealed the exclusive first look of the very popular Batmobile. Take a look at not one but three new and exclusive images of the Batmobile.

The director has assured fans that this time the Dark Knight will be seen in a whole new look and will dive deeper into the matters that were not revealed in the previous Batman movies. Moreover, this film is expected to showcase Batman into the detective aspect of his comic book character. The film is slated to release on 25th June 2021. So, there’s going to be a long wait before the film hit the theatres.

The Film Is Reportedly Going To Have Three Supervillains This Time!

Moreover, While the buzz amongst fans is pretty high after the casting was done and Robert Pattinson was hired. Moreover, in this movie, the Dark Knight is expected to fight against not one but three villains! This team of antagonists includes The Riddler, Catwoman, and Penguin as well! Meanwhile, Andy Serkis has been roped in to play Alfred. Andy Serkis has recently revealed hat this Batman movie is going to be darker than ever! So, we surely are looking forward to watching the unconventional Bruce Wayne this time.

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