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The Babysitter 2: Is The Sequel Of The Netflix Comedy Horror Movie Happening?

Babysitter 2 is now happening, and fans can not wait any longer to see it!

As all the fans of the movie Babysitter know that a sequel was put to work a long time ago. This project is an upcoming comedy, as well as a horror film that has been directed and produced by McG while Dan Lagana has served a screenplay.

The movie serves as a sequel to the first Babysitter film released back in 2017 and has a star-studded cast. Scott Henriksen has dome the process of cinematography for Babysitter 2 while the Wonderland Sound and Vision company is the producer.

Here is what the cast list of Babysitter looks likes!

In this tale, many characters are present, and thus, many stars have been employed for the appropriate role. Here is a shortlist of them.

  • Judah Lewis is going to reprise the role of Cole.
  • Hana Mae Lee is going to enact the character of Sonya.
  • Robbie Amell is going to do the part of Max.
  • Bella Thorne is going to reprise the role of Allison.
  • Emily Alyn Lind is going to enact the character of Melanie.
  • Andrew Bachelor is going to do the part of John.
  • Leslie Bibb is going to reprise the role of the Mom.
  • Ken Marino is going to enact the character of Dad.
  • Jenna Ortega

Here is what we know about the production timeline for Babysitter 2!

Back in September of 2019, it was announced about the cast of Babysitter 2 and all the actors and actresses who are going to play their respective roles in the highly anticipated sequel.

The principal photography, as well as the shooting process, began from the 14th of October 2019 and might be finished now.

When will Babysitter 2 release for the fans?

Well, if we go on and discuss a potential release date, well, there is none. As we all the current global scenarios we are living in right now and how everything has been shut down including the entertainment industry.

So, no further development could be done on any projects and this means a delay in release dates.

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