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Tenet 2: What Do We Know About The Sequel?

Here is what we know about the film called Tenet getting a sequel!

Well, well, well, as all the people who went to the theatres to watch Tenet and now are in love with the film must all be wondering if the creators of the movie might give this successful film a potential sequel and this factor right her might start a new franchise?

Well, we should all also keep in mind the fact that director Christopher Nolan does not have a habit of making a lot of sequels unless and until they have the character of Batman in it but if we sit down and think about it, films whose genre excels in the department of science as well as fiction and are based on a pretty high concept like Tenet should actually have a broad expansion down the lane.

Here is why people think that Tenet should have a second part to its iconic tale!

This film has wrapped up a lot of plotlines that are capable of bending the human mind and can even go on to distort time but the case is just like Inception by Christopher Nolan that we should surely go a bit deeper.

Tenet' Release Date Moved Again - Variety


So, now all the people have just one question to ask: Are we ever going to have a Tenet 2 in the movie theatres or not?

Will Christopher Nolan ever go on to make the second installment of Tenet films and make it a franchise or not?

All this while, the question of what the director, Christopher Nolan, is going to create next always follows the path of his pretty recent film releases that might even include the Dark Knight Trilogy. This one was actually announced before we had Tenet in the picture.

Then we had the director strongly linked with making a bond film and it is a rumor that the thing is still happening. Well, as of right now, the slate of Christopher is absolutely clear and we might hope that Tenet 2 is something he might pick up to work on.

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