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Superworld: Ozark Alum Jason Bateman Will Direct A Superhero Movie For Warner Bros

Well, Jason Bateman teams up with Mark Peres for a Warner Bros. movie about a superstar with a significant twist on the formula. The film will adapt the novel Superworld, set in a futuristic world in which each person has a special gift or power but the only exception is Ignatius Lohman. His lack of supernatural abilities becomes an advantage when he encounters a villain whose power is to neutralize the powers of others.

Jason Bateman to Direct Adaptation of Audiobook 'Superworld' With ...

sources: yahoonewscanada.com

Superworld was written by Gus Krieger and released on July 30 as an audiobook for Amazon’s Audible. The flip-script concept, in which ordinary craftsmanship and skill are less common than fantastic powers, is reminiscent of science fiction. Gattaca, but it also suggests the kind of conflict seen in The Incredibles.

Ozark Alum Jason Bateman Will Direct A Superhero Movie For Warner Bros?

While Warner Bros. secured the rights to turn the book into a movie, Pérez wrote the script and Bateman directed. The two previously worked together on 2018’s Game Night, which also stars Bateman, and they are also planning an untitled comedy for Netflix. He also voiced Nick Wilde on Zootopia. Jason Bateman joins his writer for the 2018 comedy film “Game Night” and will direct the film based on a superhero audiobook dubbed “Superworld,” a person with knowledge of the project told The sources.

Other Updates?

Warner Bros. acquired the rights to the recently released Audible Originals in 2018 when everyone on Earth has superpowers except one man who may hold the fate of humanity in his hands. “Superworld” will be based on the story of the Gus Kraiger audiobook. Bateman will direct the film adaptation and Mark Peres will adapt the script. Anonymous content will also be produced by David Kanter and Geoff Okin.

The “Ozark” star has been a popular commodity of late – he also teamed up with Netflix with John Cena to direct an untitled film that Perez is also scheduled to write. He will also direct “Shut In” for New Line Cinema, most recently joining the Millie Bobby Brown project on Netflix as a producer and will also direct another exciting Netflix “Here Come the Flood”. They are talking. Jason Bateman is represented by CAA, Lighthouse Entertainment, and Henson Jacobson. Pérez is represented by ICM Partners and Hanson Jacobson.

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