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Supernatural Season 15: 5 Things Known So Far? Release And Other Updates

The supernatural season 15 confirms the final race of the show and the Winchesters are ready to go out with a bang. Here’s what to expect

Here are all the spectators who can expect from Supernatural season 15. After his premiere in 2005, a passionate and dedicated fan who followed him helped lead the Supernatural into an impressive and revolutionary season. Unfortunately, all things have to end and it has now been confirmed that the next supernatural season 15 will be the final performance of the show.

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The announcement was made by Jensen Ackles’ central Supernatural trio, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins, who has since resolved the situation, arguing that the decision to end Supernatural was between the show and the network, not because of forced cancellation of commitment problems of new contracts.

Release date:

Supernatural season 15 will premiere on Thursday 10 October. It has also been confirmed that, like last season, Supernatural’s last run will consist of 20 episodes, slightly shorter than the usual 22 or 23 episodes, but there is still plenty of time left to finish it all.

What will be the storyline?

Thanks to the end of the cliffhanger that had fans on the sidelines of their seats during the final finale of Supernatural Season 14, there are several tracks before the last season, which give a clear indication of where Sam and his story will go. Dean. The conclusion for supernatural season 14 saw God raise the dead and open the gates of hell, which means that all the souls who followed the Winchester brothers were years old, now released to Earth.

The start of supernatural season 15 will likely face the immediate consequences of this revelation, and there will be plenty of opportunities for some of Supernatural’s past criminals to make a final appearance before the show goes away forever. Once Sam and Dean finish clearing the chaos of God and stop (again) the end of the world, their attention will almost certainly turn to the Great Man himself, who is frustrated by humanity and just tries to enjoy his misery.

Fortunately, Sam and Dean will not be alone in their crucifixion against the Lord, as the ending also suggested that Death was not very happy with God for destroying centuries of hard harvests. He also seemed to have an ally in the existence of shadows that exists as part of the Void.

Cast members:

Although no new roles have been confirmed for supernatural season 15, repeat cast members Lisa Berry (Billie / Death) and Rob Benedict (God) are likely to have important roles and could meet until her regular season with the usual suspects. Furthermore, the fact that the inhabitants of hell are now free to move could allow any number of returnees, including Jake Abel (Adam Winchester / Michael) and Lauren Cohan (Bela Talbot).

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