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Suicide Squad: The Ayer’s Cut Reportedly Set To Release

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad had to go through some interference from the studio which led to some serious changes and sudden hurry did affect the fill in certain ways. The filmmaker did confess later that the making of the film was heavily compromised.

HBO Max Might Release David Ayer’s Cut Of The Suicide Squad. Here’s What We Know.

The director was reportedly been given only six weeks to write the script in order to get the quirky antihero ensemble into production as soon as possible. Although Ayer finally was then forced to bow to pressure from Warner Bros. to lighten the overall tone of the movie. This was asked to do considering the negative reception fans gave to the relentlessly grim Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The Director Was Pushed To Complete The Movie In A Short Span Of Time!

While the film went on to smash box office records and also was an overnight success there were reportedly two versions out of which the one that received positive reviews from test audiences made it into the final theatrical cut. However, Ayer has been quite vocal about his divisive take on the film online. Considering the whole scenario, the studio might be planning on doing something.

Apparently, the studio might be looking forward to releasing Ayer’s original cut of the movie as an HBO Max exclusive. This is pretty similar to what the studio is doing with Zack Snyder’s cute of the Justice League. WB is planning to attract the no of subscribers for their new streaming service. This can be achieved by hyping up the alternate version of the Suicide Squad.

Did Filmmaker David Ayer Have Another Version Of The Suicide Squad Story?

While no official announcement has been made yet, the studio is planning to release the unseen version which as confined by the director himself had an alternate version to it. While the sequel film has been handed over to James Gunn, fans would surely love to watch Iyer’s original take on the film that did not make it into the final cut. Fans would love to see that part of the Suicide Squad!

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