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Strike The Blood Season 4: Every Detail You Should Know About Potential Fourth Season

Japanese light novel-based anime series Strike The Blood has been running successfully for the past three seasons. The series premiered in 2013. Due to the pandemic, the makers of series has pushed the release of the remaining episodes to a later date.

When Will The Fourth Season Of Strike The Blood Premiere?

The fourth season of Strike The Blood was scheduled to be released in April this year. The show was to premiere till June 2021. But the series has only aired two episodes till now. Due to the spread of coronavirus, the makers of the series have decided to push the release date of the series to a later date. The series will now premiere from July 29.

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Strike The Blood Season 4 release date delayed in 2020: SutoBura ...

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What Is The Premise Of Strike The Blood?

The series takes place at a fictional land of Itogami island in Japan. It is a man-made island. The island has become home to many monsters and demons. The series follows a young boy named Kojou. Kojou is an ordinary boy studying in school. He acquires vampire powers. The powers change the life of Kojou. He does not want to use his powers as he does not know how to control them. He is also the fourth progenitor. The fourth progenitor is the most powerful species on the planet. Yukina Himeragi is observing Kojou. But later they both turn into friends.

The Cast Of Strike The Blood

Risa Taneda is seen as Yukina Himeragi. Ikumi Hayama is seen as Sayaka Kirasaka. Hisako Kanemoto is seen as Nagisa Akatsuki. Asami Seto is seen as Asahi Aisa. Yoshimasa Hosoya is seen as Kojou Akatsuki.

What Is Known About Strike The Blood

Strike The Blood has been co-produced by Silver Link and Connect. The series airs on AT-X. The series first premiered on the network in 2013 with 24 episodes. The anime series has been directed by Hideyo Yamamoto. The script for the anime series has been written by Hiroyuki Yoshino. Keiichi Sano has designed the characters for the series. The light novels have been written by Gakuto Mikumo.

The remaining episodes of season 4 of Strike The Blood will air on AT-X from July 29.

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