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Splinter Cell Series: The Animated Series Will Now Release On Netflix

Splinter Cell is an award-winning stealth video game from Tom Clancy. It made its debut in 2002. This game revolves around the story of former US Navy SEAL Sam Fisher after the NSA recruited him to work for the mysterious Echelon Third Division within the agency. The game sees Fisher participate in various black ops missions, employing stealth and military tactics.

Now the streaming giant Netflix and Ubisoft has collaborated with each other for an anime series adaptation of the video game Splinter Cell.

The famous writer of John Wick movie franchise Derek Kolstad is now going to work for the series as a writer and executive producer. There is going to be a total of two seasons and 16 episodes have been ordered at the streaming service.

Netflix is looking to Splinter Cell for its next big video game ...
Source: The Verge.com

Hollywood has been planing to adopt Splinter Cell for years

With Tom Hardy signing to play Fisher in 2012, though the film never made it to the ground, and the project is now considered deceased. Ubisoft made a mind that TV series is far way to go, and specifically a Netflix anime series that seems to have been worthwhile for another video game adaptation: Castlevania. That makes it clear that he has learned something from Assassin’s Creed, which gave the video game brand more shock than the box office.

Kolstad is also going to be in the writing team at Marvel Studios in the upcoming limited series “Falcon and Winter Soldier”, he said his speech for the action movie “Booker” to Sony in a heated bidding war and is also writing adaptations of the video game.

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