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Spinning Out Season 2: Is Sequel Really Canceled By Netflix?

There is none trade which left out of Netlfix as the platform offers the shows of every category. Spinning out was a pretty different concept as it revolves around the ambition of a girl who wants to be a professional skater and her hardships.

But the matter of concern for the show is its renewal and its in imminent danger.


Currently, the show’s future is not in safe hands as it reportedly canceled by the streaming giant, and it could be a piece of bad news for its fans. However, the reasons were not openly public by the streaming giant, but it was speculated that the show was not up to the mark, and thus Netflix decided to drop it.

We do not fully support the cause as the show’s initial season ends with a cliffhanger, and it pretty hard for the fans to adjust with its cancelation.

Spinning Out: 3 Reasons Why We Need A Revival!

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Possible Reasons

When Netflix made its decision final, then there is no such thing called the explanation for the cause. So, as usual, there is no solid reason for the show cancelation, but there is more to audience response. Netflix announced that they are canceling some existing projects to settle the budgets and using them to produce new shows. For your information, Netlfix bears the cost of production once the show got adopted by it. So, in short, Netflix wants to settle the books in the profit margins, and hence the cancelation is imminent for the shows that didn’t fulfill the demands.


However, there were several petitions signed for the revival of the Spinning out, but it looks like they are just set of signatures. So we are not expecting much from the petitions as decisions made after judging the favorable scenarios of showrunners and the streaming platform itself.

Possibilities of Revival

Now everyone’s mind popping with the same question- Will the show possibly be revived? Then the answer will divert in both the ways as it could happen or still impossible. So all we have to do is to wait for the final confirmation show’s future.

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