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Spiderman Into The Spider-Verse 2: Catch The Latest Updates On Its New Release Date, Storyline, Characters And More

Fans very well know that there is not one but two Spiderman universe for comic fanatics to enjoy! The smashing hit animated version of the film garnered huge attention and performed well at the box office as well. So, is there going to be a sequel to the movie? Let us look into it for further information.

When Is Spiderman Into The Spider-Verse 2 Releasing? Here’s What We Know.

Fans can rejoice as the sequel is already in the works with Joaquim Dos Santos set to direct the sequel project. David Callaham is reportedly penning down the script. He has earlier also worked on the Wonder Woman sequel movie as well. So the sequel is in expert hands. The sequel.movie has some elaborate plans along with a rather important another dimension trope in the film.

The Official Twitter Page Has Released An Official Announcement Date! Have A Look.

The first film did end with a rather big revelation of Miles’ new Spider-People friends returning to their own realities while discovering that there is still a way for these friends to travel or at least communicate in-between dimension. That’s something the second film will venture into. Take a look at the official Twitter page announcing the release date.

It is also later revealed that the second film will also focus on the growing romance between Miles and the alternate-reality, superhero version of Gwen Stacy which was not dived much into the first film. The producer has also added by saying that some new characters are also reportedly included in the upcoming sequel as well.

The Sequel Release Date Has Been Pushed A Bit.

Due to the unpopular Sony- Marvel issue the Spiderman world has become rather a bit complicated, however, fans were lucky enough to get an animated version of the film as well which went on to receive awards and critical acclaim. So, we have to wait a while to see more of Miles’ adventures in the animated sequel of the Spiderman movie. The film has not yet started production yet but the technical working has already kick-started. Fans surely can’t wait.

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