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Space Force Season 2: Do We Get Another Season For The Netflix Comedy Series?

Here is all the information that you will need to know about the show, Space Force, and its second installment!

As all the subscribers of the streaming giant Netflix know that the platform has launched a new series back on the 29th of May 2020 with all of the ten episodes, which is comprises of hitting the streaming platform in just one go.

This show excels in comedy and is from the makers of The US Office satirizes the Trump and his administration military wing that goes by the same name.

Are the fans ever going to get a second season of Space Force or not?

Well, if we want to talk about the renewal status of this epic show, we will have to wait for a while because the series has just come out.

It has been two days since we had Space Force to ourselves for watching, so this point in time is far too premature to say anything.

When is Netflix going to confirm something about the show officially?

This streaming platform that originated in America is carefully going to analyze all data and viewing figures that the show garnered, which it rarely shares with anyone in public.

After this process has been undergone, and Netflix thinks that this particular show is going to give the platform a profit, it will renew it for season 2.

Also, this is not an easy process, and thus, Netflix takes its time in renewing a series up to one or maybe more months.

Here is what one of the creators of Space Force has to say about season 2!

However, all this while Greg Daniels, the co-creator of this show have also reflected on the future of Space Force, and he seemed to be pretty hopeful about the subject of matter.

He told Digital Spy that technically, they just have to wait and see if Space Force gets renewed or not but they have some writers who are already plotting out about the content that they might want to show in another season so that if season 2 gets a green light, they do not waste any time. Later in the same interview, he added that they had not got a pickup quite yet.

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