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Sherlock: Season 5 Is A Dream That Won’t Come True! Here’s Why?

You all remember the famous detective who lives in 221-B Baker street accompanied by his assistant. Sherlock Holmes came a long way in those four seasons, and Benedict Cumberbatch set the standards for the character.

However, after the end of the fourth season, fans and media speculated the potential fifth season. It is pretty obvious that nobody wants shows like Sherlock to end, and they hope for the best. So we conclude some facts about season fifth of BBC’s adaptation and clearing the air about its next season.

Sherlock Season 5: Is It Possible?

If we are talking with respect to current scenarios, then we have to rule out the possibility of the fifth season. There are many factors such as Sherlock got its proper standoff, and according to us, there is nothing left in the plotline. However, either a reboot version could be considered on the cards.

Even show makers concluded the fact that it could be the end of the road for Sherlock, and there won’t be further seasons. Meanwhile, Benedict Cumberbatch is also busy with other projects, and his schedule is pretty hectic after its signing with Marvel Cinematic Studios. So there is no chance that season 5 could arrive in these years and it will be a dream for the fans.

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Future Possibilities 

The future is uncertain, and we don’t know when showrunners will decide to return on the adaptation. But for now, it’s not possible, but still, we can’t rule out a possible fifth season; however, it doesn’t make much sense, but still, as a fan, there is nothing to hope for good.

Enola Holmes

But as we said, changes are necessary, and now Enola Holmes, who is the sister of Sherlock Holmes, will get its screen space. The infamous Millie Bobby Brown will portray the character, and the story revolves around the sudden disappearance of her mom, and she is investigating it. This is not it, a there is a surprise entry in the cast as Henry Cavill set to play the role of her brother Sherlock in the series.

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