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Sherlock Reboot On Netflix: Are These Rumors True?

You all remember the very infamous detective who detects the clues in split seconds and doesn’t give you a chance of doubt. Sherlock Holmes is a private detective character who solves the mysteries whenever he feels to do so. If we are talking about a recent adaptation of the popular series, then Benedict Cumberbatch’s face popped up for sure in your minds.

He brilliantly played the character and drastically changed the attitude of the character. Likes of Robert Downey Jr. also played his part in the flick’s popular series of Sherlock Holmes. But now the concern is a reboot version of Sherlock on streaming giant Netflix.


We are aware of the fact that Sherlock ended with four seasons, and it looks like there could be an expansion. But we are weighing on the fact that series could be rebooted and there will be a whole new series. This idea could be in the evaluation, and the streaming giant could consider this move.

Enola Holmes

The latest speculations regarding a lady version of Sherlock Holmes is in early development. The very own Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger things is portraying the character of Enola Holmes. The series based on Sherlock’s younger sister Enola who found out that her mother got disappeared. Likes of Henry Cavill will portray the role of Sherlock Holmes in the series, and it could be based on supporting cast maybe.

Source: Den Of Geek

So there is no hope for Benedict Cumberbatch to return as Sherlock Holmes as of now. However, the showrunners didn’t even rule out the possibility of next season. So there might be another season or a reboot version to be followed, but for now, fans should regard this as a rumor as it won’t happening anytime soon.

So now, the main focus is on Enola Holmes, which tends to release this fall, and we could expect it to arrive on Holiday season or earlier.

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