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Shazam 2: When Will The Sequel Hit The Theaters And What’s The Story For It?

Shazam got mixed reviews since its release but it did not stop the makers to come with a sequel to another DC comic character. After the first part, most of the fans have been waiting for the release date of the second part of the movie.

Expected Release Date of Shazam 2

Shazam 2 had officially been announced in making and it was to begin its production by summer 2020. But we all know what is the situation the entire world is facing right now. The ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic had shut down the entire world leading to a ban on public gatherings to prevent the further spread of the deadly virus.

Source: Den of Geek

Hence we now have no idea when things will resume to normal. So do not expect the second innings to the franchise turn up by mid-2022.

Plot Of Shazam 2

The movie is based on a teenage boy who possesses super abilities which turns him into an adult superhero. He along with his friend must gain the knowledge of using his powers.to fight the evil doctor.

So what do we expect now in the upcoming sequel? Well currently nothing much on the plot had been revealed yet, but thanks to the post-credit scene we saw that the evil doctor had been put behind the bars but he is not alone as he is imprisoned along with the supervillain of the film. This time it would be rather very difficult for Shazam to fight them together.

Star Cast Of Shazam 2

Talking about the cast it would include;

  • Zachary Levi,
  • Mark Strong,
  • Jack Dylan Grazer,
  • Djimon Hounsou and other supporting characters.

Nevertheless, we still believe that the upcoming superhero flick would perform really well this time as who doesn’t love superheroes after a!.

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