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Shazam 2: When It Will Likely Happen?

An unconventional attempt to turn a little teenager into a superhero managed to get the attention of fans in the DC Shazam movie! Although the film has received mixed reviews of some sort, fans are expecting yet another film. Let’s look at all the possibilities and details in the sequel, which are happening in the sequel.

The Shazam Movie sequel is officially happening under the DC Studio banner!

The film certainly did not discourage the studio despite failing to make a large collection at the box office and they are now gearing up for the sequel too! Yes, Shazam 2 is happening and there is a big reveal to make the main star Zachary Levi!

Star Zachary Levy will once again surprise her role with many.

The actor revealed that the cinema is expected to start sometime later this year, and the global epidemic has not affected production as intensely and is on its way! Levi further stated that they are still writing the script and that so far it is so amazing.

Shazam 2: Will It Happen?
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In the first movie, Dr. Thaddeus ended with Siwana, defeated by Shazam and his team of kicks. However, it’s not over as the sequel doesn’t have the biggest villain yet. It’s none other than a caterpillar-like creature, Mr. Mind. It seems that this time the problem will be doubled for the hero. How will you manage to combat it?

Can we expect Dwayne Johnson to appear as Black Adam?

While the current villain is currently working with another bad potential, another DC superhero has great potential to debut in the sequel movie. Apparently, Black Adam is rumored to appear in the Shazam sequel. However, Levi has cleared the air by saying that this is not happening in the second Shazam film as the studio plans to make Black Adam the first independent film. So it seems that this is not happening at least for the second movie.

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