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Sculpture Of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear Hanged From A Tree Outside His Mansion

Andy Beshear Sculpture

Protesters hanged a representation of Kentucky governor Andy Beshear outside the state governor’s house on Sunday.

A group of 100 people reportedly first united in celebration of the Second Amendment ahead of the commemorative day on Monday and were meant to inspire people about what it really means to be Free.

The gathering, which started at the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort, soon changed into a protest against coronavirus limitations and Beshear’s governing officials.

The protesters brought guns and waved American and don’t tread on me flags, while free flags were given to army veterans.

But soon after the first rally turned down, organizers moved protesters from the state capitol building to the governor’s mansion, reportedly for a resignation request to the governor.

Twitter Post

Footage has been shared on Twitter of two men stringing a representation of Governor Beshear in a tree outside the mansion, in protest of the governor’s coronavirus models.

In the video shared by Courier-Journal reporter Sarah Ladd, a group of people, including children, can be seen watching on as a man wearing battle threads throws a rope over the branch of the tree. Helping each other, the man then picks the dummy up so that it is hanging from the branch.

He then joins the end of the rope to different branch.

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