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Schooled: The Spinoff Of Goldbergs Cancelled Just After Season 2

A spin-off series called Schooled meant for Goldberg has been canceled by ABC!

At this point, when everything in the world is going wrong, a piece of new bad news has come out. It is unfortunate to announce that Schooled is gone forever.

ABC has canceled this spin-off meant for Goldbergs just after it finished two installments. This news has been confirmed by TV Line.

The show has two seasons and 34 episodes, but now it is never returning!

The finale of the second season, which is now going to serve as the finale of the whole show, aired back on the 13th of May. The cancellation caps the entire run of Schooled, which had 34 episodes.

ABC is also responsible for now cutting out the comedies like Single Parents as well as Bless This Mess. Freshman drama Emergence was also cut out back on Thursday, but they also renewed the other 13 other shows that include The Goldbergs for an eight-season.

Here is what the ratings and reviews of this epic and funny show used to look like!

Schooled was able to manage just an average of a 0.7 demographic in the range that extends from 18 to 49 while it had 3.2 million viewers, which is the count of life along with the Same Day numbers for the second season.

Out of the ten sitcoms that used to run on the ABC Network for the current TV season, it ranked on number four in the demo and sixth in total audience.

Here is what happens in Schooled and the plot development it adopts!

The whole show is set up in the 1990s and stars AJ Michalka as her Goldbergs character Lainey Lewis who reluctantly took the job of the music teacher at her alma master William Penn Academy.

The first season of the show came out as a backdoor pilot that aired during the fifth installment of The Goldbergs. Tim Meadows, along with Bryan Callen, reprise their general roles of Goldberg as John Glascott, the new principal of the school, as well as Coach Rick Mellor, respectively.

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